We aim to save artists the time of making a great 3d model, and instead let them add their own personality to their creations.

Currently working on

Once 3D interior scene is 100% complete I will release it here and sell all of the 3d models separately.
Keep going to this site for status about new 3d models and much more.
If there is some 3D models that you need and/or think will fit in this 3D interior,  send me an email and I might build them.

WIP Gallery



www.get3Dmodels.com | Download high quality 3D models & Textures today.
Get 3D Models offers high quality 3D models of real objects for architectural visualizations, animation and print publishing CG projects.
My business idea is to offer companies and private customers 3D models that maintain high standards at an affordable price.
All 3D models are supplied as (.max) (.Obj) (.Jpg) however on request, all models can also be supplied in other formats.
www.get3Dmodels is a company run by www.BjurhagerStudios.com.
We offer payment via paypal for your security.